Division of Conservation: Conservation Easement Appraiser Education Opportunities

The Conservation Easement Appraiser Update Course (CEAUC) has been established by DORA's Division of Real Estate to ensure that certified general appraisers have sufficient training and expertise to accurately prepare an appraisal for a conservation easement generating a state tax credit.

Individuals who have completed the CEAUC

Board of Real Estate Appraisers rule 7.25 requires all licensees who prepare a conservation easement appraisal for which a tax credit may be claimed to complete the CEAUC. The rule is in effect for any conservation easement appraisal with an effective date of January 1, 2017, or later. Pursuant to section 12-61-1106(3)(b)(IV), C.R.S., an appraisal will not be considered credible if the licensee has not completed this course prior to signing the appraisal certification. NOTE -  As of January 1, 2019, this course is not required, as Board Rule 7.25 has been repealed.


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