Division of Conservation: 1291 Working Group

1291 Working Group Report

The working group's report was submitted to the Agriculture Committees and Transportation Committees of both the House and Senate, respectively, on November 27, 2018. To view and download the final HB 18-1291 working group report, please click here.

For a scanned version of the much shorter narrative portion of the HB 18-1291 working group report, please click here.

Click here for the original 1291 Working Group Questionnaire issued August 21, 2018. This questionnaire sought detailed ideas concerning four specific matters raised in section 39-22-522 (3.8), C.R.S., regarding Colorado's conservation easement tax credit program, as amended by HB18-1291. 

Click here for the questionnaire responses, and here for documentation submitted in response to the survey, along with additional responses sent directly to the Division.

As background, you may want to review the signed bill here.

Participation in the working group was open between August 21 and November 15, 2018.