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Most Recent Consumer Forum: July 24, 2018, Topic: Health Insurance 

Next Consumer Forum: Expected to be October 2018

How to participate

  • Online Webinar - The online option affords people outside of the Denver metro area, as well as anyone that can't make it into downtown Denver, the chance to participate. 

Topic for 7/24/18 - Health Insurance
This Consumer Forum took place in the middle of the comment period for the individual and small group health plans for 2019. The health insurance companies submitted their plans and premiums to the Division for review in June and they will be made public on July 13. We used a survey to gather consumers' questions about health insurance to help set our agenda.

Division of Insurance Consumer Forums

  • What are they? Your opportunity to ask questions to the insurance experts at the Division.
  • Frequency: Quarterly. Our next Consumer Forum should take place in October 2018.
  • Agendas: We’ll use questions from consumers about insurance to set the agendas.
  • How to participate? Attend in-person or join in online.

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