Consumer Advisory: Safe online shopping tips apply to procrastinators too

DENVER — The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) urges rushed online shoppers to take five minutes to get wise about online shopping during this busy holiday season.

  1. Shop online with companies you are familiar with in your past shopping experiences. For procrastinators, that means you may pay extra fees to guarantee delivery instead of going with a company you are unfamiliar with to save a few bucks.    
  2. Avoid fake shopping websites. But how can you tell? Be on the lookout for strange URLs, confusing web page design, unclear return policies, "too good to be true" priced items, and misspelled words.   
  3. Don't click on links sent in promotional emails. Check the authenticity of the website by going directly to the company website. Once you enter your card information for your purchase, your information is out and scammers can access it.
  4. Do not enter your banking PIN number. Once you enter the PIN number scammers and thieves can access your banking information.
  5. Use a secure computer/private wi-fi to do your online shopping. If you must use a public computer/wi-fi, make sure your passwords and account numbers are secure. Do not enter your password or card number/security code if people are standing or sitting behind you.
  6. Remind yourself to check the cards you use in the weeks following your purchases and report any suspicious activity on your account or card.

We are dedicated to providing our consumers with assistance on how to make smart and sound consumer decisions because consumer protection is our mission. 

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