Complaints and Comments


Per statute, the OCC is prohibited from getting involved in an individual complaint; however, as an individual if you have a problem with your bill or service provided by a regulated electric or gas utility, the Public Utilities Commission has Consumer Affairs section that assists individuals in solving problems or answering questions through three different methods: Informal, Mediation, or Formal complaints process.  

Based on the path you choose to pursue your complaint, and if you deterimine that a formal complaint is necessary, you can file your formal complaint with the PUC.  The process has you consider a number of factors and completion of a formal complaint form.  


Public comments are accepted by the PUC and filed in the appropriate proceeding your comment is related to.  The PUC describes this process in detail on their website.

You can also file an anonymous tip with the PUC 

The process described above along with other processes handled by the PUC are outlined in the PUC Process FYI Publications.


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