Colorado No-Call List Telemarketer Information

Colorado No-Call List Telemarketer Information

Colorado law requires telemarketers to register and submit a registration fee to the designated agent, Data Protection Group LLC.  Registration fees are annual fees for the calendar year, January 1, through December 31.  The fee is based on the total number of employees who work for the company that employs telemarketers. This includes, but is not limited to delivery staff, receptionists, maintenance workers, accounting clerks, as well as telemarketers.

The Public Utilities Commission is allowed to change the annual fee as necessary.
Below are the 2017 Telemarketer Fees. 

2017 Telemarketer Fees

Number Employees


Registration Fee

1-4   $    0
5-10   $ 275
11-50   $ 375
51-100   $ 450
101-250   $ 480
251-400   $ 490
401-1000   $ 495
1001 or greater   $ 500


Decision setting Registration Fees

Pursuant to Rule 4 Code of Colorado Regulations 723-2-2892(b), the Commission, acting as Administrator, sets the Colorado No-Call List Annual Registration Fees for the calendar year 2017 as specified in Decision No. C16-1112 in this proceeding: