Colorado Board of Nursing summarily suspends license of Thomas Mark Moore

Official Statement

DENVER (Jan. 6, 2016) -- This afternoon, the Colorado Board of Nursing summarily suspended the R.N. license of Thomas Mark Moore, meaning he may not practice in Colorado pending the Board’s investigation. 

While state statute does not allow the Board to publicly discuss any particular complaint or investigation, the Board takes very seriously any behavior that compromises patient safety. 

Because the Colorado Board of Nursing is a “closed” board under state statute, it cannot comment further at this juncture regarding the proceedings concerning Mr. Moore.

The Colorado Board of Nursing is responsible for licensing nurses in the state and enforcing the State Nurse Practice Act. A criminal conviction may be grounds for discipline up to and including revocation of a license, and the Board actively collaborates with law enforcement when criminal allegations are made.

The Board also screens nurses for behaviors and conditions that may affect patient safety, and actively participates in and utilizes the national nursing licensing and disciplinary database.

Nursing applicants answer a series of questions through the application process concerning criminal convictions and other behavior that may pose a threat to patients.

Once licensed, a nurse must also actively report any criminal conviction or other change that could compromise his/her ability to practice safely.

The Board does not have statutory authority under the State Nurse Practice Act to conduct criminal background checks, however licensees are subject to criminal records reviews through the complaint process.

The Colorado Board of Nursing works to ensure that patients are treated safely and encourages any patient, family member, colleague or other person to file a complaint if they suspect a nurse violated the law or professional standards.

Download the Order of Summary Suspension. For more information about the Colorado Board of Nursing, visit


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