Submitting a Rebuttal

Charging Party Submits a Rebuttal

The Charging Party will receive the Respondent’s position statement and response to request for information. The Charging Party has 30 days to provide a rebuttal for employment and public accommodation cases. For housing cases, the timeline to submit a rebuttal is 10 days.

Although not required, a written rebuttal is recommended.  A rebuttal should include arguments and reference evidence which contradicts information that has been presented by the Respondent.

In support of your claim you may wish to submit witness statements. Please include along with any statements the witness' home address and telephone number. You may also provide a list of witnesses that you wish us to contact. The witnesses should be individuals who have personal, direct and independent knowledge of the issues raised in your claim. Your list should include the witness' home address, telephone number and a brief summary of the information that each witness can attest to or provide. Prior to submitting the information please contact your witnesses and verify that that they are willing to participate on your behalf.

After you review the information, if you decide not to pursue this matter any further and want to withdraw your charge or would like a right to sue in order to now go to court, please notify the Civil Rights Division of your decision before the deadline shown above.

After the rebuttal is received, additional information may be requested from the parties and witnesses or there may be sufficient information upon which to base a report to the Director. As previously noted, when you filed the charge, the burden of proof to establish probable cause is on you. Also, remember generally both parties have the right to review the case file and information received from the opposing party.