Responding to a Charge of Discrimination

Filing a Response

Once we send the Respondent a charge of discrimination and request for information, the Respondent has 30 days to provide a response in employment and public accommodations cases or 10 days in housing cases.  

Learn more about CaseConnect, the Division's online case management system that allows for electronic submission of the response, position statement and evidence. 

The information submitted by both parties is considered in deciding the merits of the allegation(s).  Per the Commission's rules, this information in its entirety is made available to the Complainant, who then is given an opportunity to review and provide a rebuttal.

Please be advised that incomplete responses will not be accepted.  If you, or your representative, believe that some item is not relevant to the case, you must discuss your reasons with the investigator before omitting the information from your response.

Please note that it is important to provide CCRD with your current contact information and to update CCRD with any changes to this information.

SUBPOENA POWER NOTICE: You should be aware that the State of Colorado’s Anti-Discrimination statute grants the Director of the Colorado Civil Rights Division the authority to subpoena witnesses and to compel the production of books, papers and records relevant to any unfair employment practice [C.R.S. 24-34-306(2)(a)].  Such subpoena is enforceable in the district court in which the alleged discriminatory practice occurred.  Subpoena authority is exercised only when, in the judgment of the Director, the Respondent’s failure to voluntarily cooperate makes it necessary.