Important Civil Rights Division Deadlines

A charge of discrimination must be timely filed. Other deadlines in an investigation are also described below.

Filing a Timely Charge of Discrimination

There is a legal requirement that a charge must be filed within a specific period of time (statute of limitations) from the date of notice of the last discriminatory act. After the statute of limitations has passed the Colorado Civil Rights Division does not have jurisdiction.

  • Employment filing deadline: six (6) months
  • Housing filing deadline: one (1) year
  • Public Accommodations filing deadline: sixty (60) days

However, regarding Employment cases, please note that if more than six (6) months, but 300 or fewer days, have passed since the date of the alleged adverse action, the Colorado Civil Rights Division may be able to accept and refer your charge to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for investigation.

Response to Request for Information and Rebuttal

During the investigation, the Respondent submits a response to the request for information, and the Charging Party may submit a rebuttal, if he or she chooses. Both parties may inspect and review information that has been submitted by the other party during the investigation. Both parties may also supply the names of additional witnesses who could testify in your favor or help you in refuting the other party's statements and information.

The Division has up to 270 days to investigate a claim, as well as two potential extensions of 90 days each.