Filing a Charge of Discrimination

Completing the Online Intake Form

Assuming that you are within the time limits allowed for filing a discrimination claim, the first step in the complaint process is to complete an online Intake Form. Learn about CaseConnect, the Colorado Civil Rights Division’s electronic case management system which allows for online submission of intake and case information as well as evidence. The system also enables parties to check the status of discrimination claims and communicate with the Division. The Intake Form will give the Colorado Civil Rights Division the information that it needs to draft a Charge of Discrimination. 

Intake information/your submission DOES NOT constitute the filing of a Charge of Discrimination. Additional steps must be taken after the filing of the Intake Form or Packet in order for a Charge of Discrimination to be drafted and filed.

If you do not have access to a computer, or experience difficulty using CaseConnect, you may call the Division at (303) 894-2997 to request a paper intake packet. Submission of the Intake Packet may be by mail, fax, or email at the addresses provided on the first page of the Intake Packet.  The Intake Packet may also be filed in person (see below for method of submitting the Intake Packet in person). Further instructions below. 

Filing a Charge of Discrimination

Based on the information that you provide us during the intake process, the Division's Intake Unit may prepare a formal Charge of Discrimination for your acceptance in CaseConnect or signature. There is no fee for filing a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Division. A Charge of Discrimination is legally filed at the time that the Division is in receipt of the signed Charge of Discrimination. To ensure that we can get in touch with you throughout the process, it is important for you to provide CCRD with your current contact information and to update CCRD with any changes to this information.

If you are an individual with a disability and require an accommodation in order to access CCRD's services, please call (303) 894-2997 (local), (800) 262-4845 (voice), 711 TTD - Relay, Hotline Español: (720) 432-4294, send an email to, or request an accommodation in person at CCRD's office.

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