Broker-Dealers & Sales Representatives

General Broker-Dealer and Sales Representative Licensing Information

In order to transact business as a broker-dealer or sales representative in the State of Colorado, a person must be licensed or exempt from licensing under Section 11-51-402, C.R.S.

        Who needs to be licensed?

  • Broker-Dealers: Any entity that engages in the trading of securities for its own account or on behalf of customers.
  • Sales Representatives: Any person that engages in the sale or purchase of securities or investment products on behalf of and with the authority of a broker-dealer or an issuer attempting to effect the sale of the issuer's own securities.
  • Mortgage broker-dealers: Entities that limit their business to transactions in notes, bond, or evidences of indebtedness that are secured by real estate mortgages and deeds of trust. Mortgage broker-dealers are represented by sales persons referred to as mortgage sales representatives.

        With whom do broker-dealers and sales representatives have to become licensed?

  • All broker-dealers and sales representatives that transact business in the State of Colorado or with Colorado residents are required to be licensed by both the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Colorado Division of Securities (Division). Broker-dealers and sales representatives licensed pursuant to the Colorado Securities Act must be licensed with the Division.

        Central Registration Depository (CRD) Information

  • CRD is the electronic filing system that provides regulatory oversight of broker-dealers and sales representatives nationwide. It is operated by FINRA, and can be accessed on the FINRA site.

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