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The Public Notices on this page are updated no later than the 10th of each month. Posting of "Use of Name" requests are done as needed. If you have any questions with regard to this information, please contact the Division at 303-894-7575.

The Banking Board meets the third Thursday of every month and with the exception of the Executive Session, the meetings are open to the public. A member of the public can attend in person or listen to and/or watch the meeting via the dial-in number and video link listed below:

Notice of Application

Notice of Hearing

Agenda for Regular Meeting 12/19/2019

The agenda is posted no later than the 10th of each month.

12/06/2019 Findings and Order in the Matter of the Application of The Central Trust Bank, Jefferson City MO, for Use of the Name "Colorado Central Bank"

Current Bulletin
The bulletin lists applications from the previous month that have been approved by the Banking Board or the State Bank Commissioner via delegated authority granted by the Banking Board. Transactions remain on the bulletin until completed. Bulletins from the previous few calendar years are listed on the Archives page.

Hearings will be listed on the Agenda. They are not held every month and are conducted on applications for:

  • De Novo Charters
  • Money Transmitters License
  • Rulemaking
  • Other items requiring action by the Banking Board

The Minutes are reviewed and approved by the Banking Board prior to posting. Minutes from the previous few years are listed on the Archives page.

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Use of Name Request
The use of the words "Bank," "Trust," and "Trust Company," in any Colorado corporate filing, is restricted by Sections 11-107-101 and 11-109-102, C.R.S.

  • All requests for Use of Name must be approved by the Division of Banking prior to filing with the Colorado Secretary of State.
  • Requests filed with the Division will be posted on this page for a fourteen (14) calendar day period, during which the public may submit any questions, comments, or objections on the proposed name.
  • Questions, comments, or objections should be directed to Jennifer Kim at 303-894-7575 or Jennifer Kim.

12/04/2019 - A Use of Name request was received by the Division to use the name "Front Range State Bank, a Division of RNB State Bank" (Rawlins, WY) in Colorado. The fourteen (14) calendar day period for submission of comments or objections regarding this request will expire on December 18, 2019. Questions, comments, or objections should be directed to Kara Hunter or 303-894-7575.

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