Banking - Personnel

To contact Division personnel, please call 303-894-7575 or email

State Bank Commissioner
Ken Boldt

Deputy State Bank Commissioner
Kara Hunter

Director of Examinations
Mary Stanfield

Stakeholder & Innovations Strategist
Rebecca Laurie

Application Manager
Jessica Kowalik

Training Director/Scheduler
Cassie Radcliffe

Board Secretary
Charles Siler

Supervising Examiners
John Pray
Lisa Shoup
Karen Stewart

Senior Financial Institution Examiners

Matt Agnew Debra Russell
Tracy Green Russell Saunders
Linh Jones Jack Thomas
Russell Morin Rachael Thompson
Clint Philpot Troy Winkel

IT Examiners
Paul Ehizuelen
Ricardo Giardiello

Financial Institution Examiners

David Brower Chase Morin
Janessa Harmon Desiree Slavick
Elizabeth Kerwin Robert Spell
  David Yost


Financial Institution Analyst
Allison Rothermel

Jennifer Kim

Office Manager
Sheryn Greene

Administrative/Office Support
Nancy Miera
Courtney Roberts