Bail Bonds

Important information regarding expiration of cash-bonding and professional cash-bail registrations.

FAQs for Surety Bail Agents

The Division of Insurance is responsible for administering and enforcing Colorado Insurance Laws regulating the bail bonding industry and for handling complaints against bail bonding agents. Complaints are received through a variety of channels such as consumers, insurers, law enforcement, courts, and other licensees.  Complaints generally address criminal convictions, inappropriate behavior, bond revocations, forfeiture violations, failure to return collateral, failure to provide written premium or collateral receipts, overcharging of premium, misappropriation of premium and collateral, other fiduciary violations and failure to provide required documents to the consumer.  These types of practices have the potential to harm consumers resulting in significant economic harm to Colorado citizens.

The Division may investigate and may make rules and regulations as necessary and may take disciplinary action by denying, suspending, revoking, or refusing to renew the license of a bail bonding agent, and may impose civil penalties.  The Division reports complaint and enforcement action information to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) for inclusion in the NAIC’s national database.   Colorado Insurance Law also contains criminal penalties for specific activities which are illegal for bail bonding agents.  Numerous statutory changes including reforming records and record keeping requirements have occurred over the years to enhance the protection of the consumer.

Consumers should be aware of their rights when transacting bail bond business.  This website provides information regarding the bail bond practice and links to other websites to assist in the education and protection of consumers.

If you have any questions relating to bail bonds please contact the Division.


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