The mission of the Colorado Office of Consumer Counsel (“OCC”) is to represent the public interest and, in particular, the interests of residential, small business, and agricultural energy consumers.  In both competitive and monopoly environments, the OCC will promote affordable, reasonably priced, high quality, reliable service.  The OCC will accomplish this mission by developing, advocating, and implementing innovative, pro-consumer policies and practices through consumer outreach and regulatory mechanisms. 

The Office of Consumer Counsel serves the public interest through advocacy in the following areas:

  • Advocate for reasonably and affordably priced quality utility service.
  • Achieve savings for utility consumers through participation in regulatory proceedings and through settlements with utility companies that result in rate reductions, refunds, or reductions in proposed rate increases.
  • Ensure that utility laws, regulations, and policies are equitable for residential, small business, and agricultural consumers.
  • Serve as a technical resource for utility consumers, legislators, small business, the utilities, and other government agencies.
  • Ensure quality utility service for consumers that, at a minimum, meets standards established through Commission rules.


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