About Telecommunications

The mission of the Telecommunications Section of the PUC is to achieve a flexible regulatory environment that provides safe, reliable, and quality services to telecom utility customers on just and reasonable terms, while managing the transition to effective competition where appropriate. The Section serves the public interest by balancing the needs of customers and utility service providers in the following areas of responsibility:

Section Chief

  • Notarianni, Lynn 303-894-5945


  • Bise, Holly 303-894-2024 (TRS)
  • Branson, Daryl 303-894-2871 (911)
  • Enright, Jerry 303-894-2911


  • Ferguson, Teresa 303-894-2864
  • Scott, John T. 303-894-2043 (HCSM)
  • Travis, Susan 303-894-2843


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