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Karen Phelan, Program Director

The State Board of Veterinary Medicine regulates and licenses veterinarians in the State of Colorado. The Board does not regulate or require the registration of veterinary technicians, or grant licenses based upon specialty. 

The Board's mission is to safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of the people and animals of Colorado by establishing and enforcing professional standards through the development and maintenance of rules and policies, ensuring that only qualified persons are licensed to provide veterinary care, and that violators of the laws and rules regulating veterinary medicine are sanctioned as appropriate. 

Board activities include licensing veterinarians, investigating complaints about the licensed and unlicensed practice of veterinary medicine, disciplining violators of the law and/or Board's Rules, and making, amending, and adopting reasonable rules and regulations that govern the conduct of veterinarians. The Board is made up of seven members: five veterinarians and two public members.


Meetings and rulemaking hearings are normally held at 1560 Broadway, Denver, Colorado. For specific dates, times and locations, please refer to the calendar below. Please note that meeting dates are subject to change and/or cancellation. If you need minutes from previous meetings not listed below, please contact the program at

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