Common & Contract Carrier Tariffs

The Commission’s Rules Regulating Transportation by Motor Vehicle, 4 CCR 723-6207, require that each regulated intrastate carrier, which includes all common and contract carriers, shall keep approved tariffs on file with the Commission, at all times.

A tariff is a publication that clearly reveals:

(a)  the rates and charges to be assessed for all transportation services, and 
(b)  all rules and conditions relating to rates or service.

PUC rules further require that a regulated intrastate carrier shall not operate in conflict with its approved tariff. Thus, a regulated intrastate carrier may only charge the rates and fares named in its tariffs on file with the Commission.

The filing shall consist of an advice letter and the corresponding tariff. The advice letter and tariff shall be filed as separate documents, in one new Advice Letter proceeding. The Commission will assign a new Advice Letter proceeding number. The tariff and advice letter need to be consistent with the forms that are available from the Commission (see examples on Common Carrier or Contract Carrier page). The Commission may reject any proposed tariff that is not submitted in the required format. NOTE: the samples are provided to you as a courtesy. Your tariff must reflect your rules, regulations, and rates. (In the samples, the blue text is used to give instruction, as applicable. The red text should be replaced with the proper information from the Decision and your rules regulations and rates.)

All tariffs must be noticed to the Commission and the public before they can go into effect. A regulated intrastate carrier may not operate according to a new or amended tariff until the notice period has expired. The Commission Decision granting a new authority or an extended authority specifies the notice time period that the regulated intrastate carrier shall follow when filing its advice letter and tariff.

A regulated intrastate carrier proposing a tariff amendment shall do so on no less than thirty days notice.

When calculating the proposed effective date of the new and/or amended tariff, the date the tariff is received at the Commission is not counted and the entire notice period must expire prior to the effective date.

If filing in paper, instead of via E-Filings, an original and three copies must be filed.

Tariff questions can be answered by Gary Gramlick at 303-894-2870.


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