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Joyce J. Young, Program Director

The Colorado Passenger Tramway Safety Board regulates aerial tramways, surface lifts, tows, and conveyors for recreational purposes in Colorado. The Board establishes the design, operation, and maintenance standards; reviews requests for variance from the rules; and investigates accidents related to the operation of tramways. The Board also conducts regular inspections of the installations it regulates. The Board's focus is ski-related equipment but also licenses other types of tramways. The Board does not regulate elevators, escalators, amusement park rides, zip lines, or bus and taxi systems.

The Colorado Passenger Tramway Safety Board was established in 1965 to inspect and register ski lift devices. The Board was originally composed of six members who were defined by the statute. In 2001, the structure of the Board underwent some minor changes. The Board composition was redefined to include a representative from the U.S. Forest Service, two members representing the industry, two members representing the public at large, one member who is a licensed professional engineer not employed by a ski area or related industry, and one member familiar with or experienced in the tramway industry who may represent the passenger tramway manufacturing or design industry.

Colorado conducts three different types of inspections a year. Licensure inspections are performed in the fall for winter operations and in the spring for summer operations; the annual unannounced inspections are conducted in the early winter; and, unannounced inspections for areas operating lifts for foot passengers are performed in the summer. Inspections of lifts are made by professional engineers working on a contract basis with the State of Colorado. One engineer conducted all inspections and clerical duties from 1965 to 1969. Currently, we have eight contract inspectors.

Since 1967, the Tramway Board has been required by statute to adopt lift design and safety standards as formulated by the American National Safety Standards Institute (ANSI) Safety Requirements for Aerial Tramways and Lifts, Surface Lifts, Tows, and Conveyors. Board revisions and additional rules not covered by ANSI are published in the Colorado Passenger Tramway Safety Board Rules and Regulations annually.


Meetings and rulemaking hearings are normally held at 1560 Broadway, Denver, Colorado. For specific dates, times and locations, please refer to the calendar below. Please note that meeting dates are subject to change and/or cancellation. If you need minutes from previous meetings not listed below, please contact the program at



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