DORA launches “Take 5 to Get Wise” campaign

"Take 5" campaign to help Colorado consumers discover ways to be their own best advocate.

Take 5 to Get Wise

DENVER - (March 5, 2015) - A well-informed consumer is less likely to become a victim. The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) today launched “Take 5 to Get Wise,” a campaign to urge consumers to “take five minutes on the front end to save you money and prevent problems on the back end,” said Barbara Kelley, executive director of DORA.
“One of the things we think is really important in looking at consumer protection for Coloradans is to help enable them to become his or her own best advocate,” Kelley said. 
Different divisions—or agencies—under DORA regulate most Colorado licensed professions and occupations, such as physicians, nurses, insurance agents, investment advisers, real estate brokers, movers, plumbers, landscapers, taxi drivers and more. DORA shares information about these businesses and professionals so anyone can search to see if a license is up to date or if a disciplinary action was issued.
“It’s better to do some research and ask questions up front rather than find out after the fact that the person wasn’t actually licensed to do the work,” said Kelley. “We can empower Colorado consumers by making this information available to them through DORA.” If consumers do encounter issues, DORA is there to investigate citizen complaints and take action if necessary. However, Kelley notes that prevention is preferable to discipline. “It’s much harder to put Humpty Dumpty back together again; that’s not something that even we can do.”
“Take 5 to Get Wise” launches during National Consumer Protection Week and will run throughout the year. Public service announcements on television and radio, social media content, informational articles and appearances at consumer events will guide consumers to useful tools and information available through DORA.
DORA’s mission is consumer protection, and it is charged through state statute to inform consumers of their rights and responsibilities. Educational services like the “Take 5 to Get Wise” campaign are funded from fines incurred through disciplinary actions. To find more information about the “Take 5 to Get Wise” campaign and DORA resources, visit
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