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Ofelia Duran, Program Director

The Colorado Office of Speech-Language Pathology Certification regulates individual certificate holders in the State of Colorado. Office activities include certification, investigating complaints, and enforcing disciplinary actions against violators of the Speech-Language Pathology Practice Act and Director's rules and regulations.

The Office's mission is consumer protection through licensing and enforcement. The Office regulates individuals who are representing or holding themselves out as speech-language pathologists or who are performing services that constitute speech-language pathology. School speech-language pathologists who are paid solely by a school district, board of cooperative services, or state charter school providing services to exceptional children are excluded from regulation by this Office.


Meetings and rulemaking hearings are normally held at 1560 Broadway, Denver, Colorado. For specific dates, times and locations, please refer to the calendar below. Please note that meeting dates are subject to change and/or cancellation.

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