Real estate broker’s license summarily suspended pending final outcome of investigation

DENVER - The Colorado Real Estate Commission (Commission) unanimously voted to summarily suspend the real estate broker license of Rennee Glover after staff investigators found evidence of misconduct and license law violations. Glover is an Associate Broker for Shorewood Real Estate NoCo.

Investigators with the Division of Real Estate (Division), part of the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), received multiple complaints from consumers who had engaged the services of Glover to broker their real estate transactions. Buyers and Sellers working with Glover referenced multiple instances in which Glover misrepresented terms and negotiations during their transactions and was repeatedly unresponsive.
Further, Division investigators identified that Glover was operating with an inactive license and represented she worked for a brokerage with which she was not licensed. Additionally, Glover failed to provide written responses to the complaints as prescribed by Commission rule.  As a result, the Commission unanimously voted to suspend Glover’s license. The Commission’s decision was imposed immediately and Glover is not allowed to perform any duties requiring a real estate license.
“The license law requires that all brokers working with the public exercise reasonable skill and care and strictly prohibits any type of deceptive practice.  These regulations are in place to ensure that consumers feel confident that the real estate brokers they conduct business with are honest, knowledgeable and competent,” said Marcia Waters, Director for the Division of Real Estate. “Additionally, the regulatory process is designed to be a collaborative one in which Respondent participation is crucial.  When the Respondent does not take their role in the investigation seriously, the Commission becomes justifiably concerned.”
Glover is facing license revocation and fines up to $50,000.00. The Commission is alleging the following violations:
  • Making false promise to influence;
  • Misrepresentation;
  • Unworthy, incompetent practice;
  • Dishonest dealing;
  • Deficient document preparation and distribution;
  • Closing responsibilities;
  • Failure to provide a written response to a complaint; and
  • Actions when license is inactive.
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