Office of Private Investigator Licensure: News

Important Information Regarding Your Private Investigator Renewal for 2017

Effective immediately, the fee being charged for licensure of Private Investigators is being revised to $63 for a one-year renewal, in response to recent and significant license population increases and updated adjustments to fund balance projections. The present renewal fee was set at $263 in response to continuing deficit fund balances with a predicted population of approximately 400.  However, between 2016 and April 2017, considerably more new fee-payers exist for the program, with 645 renewals now expected at the beginning of this cycle, and 817 renewals beginning in next year's cycle (June 2018).

Normally, fee adjustments for any program are made during the next renewal cycle, as license populations for ongoing programs tend to be very stable. However, fees and the number of licensees and renewal populations for this program have been volatile since 2012. While the original fiscal note estimated 500 prospective licensees (a $180 fee in the note), and industry feedback suggested approximately 250 (fees were set at $320), only 60 actually registered, making it very difficult to support a program originally estimated to cost $80,000-$90,000. By contrast, 394 licensees registered by the end of FY 14-15 during the first year of mandatory licensure - and as of April 2017 this figure is expected to double, reaching at least 817 renewals next year. This growth in license population and adjustments made to the fund balance projections now allow for immediate fee reductions.

For any licensees who have already paid the existing renewal fee of $263 since April 1, 2017, refunds will be issued and immediately processed, and will be sent by check within the next 30 days. If you have any questions or are wondering the status of your refund, please contact Mark Browne, Program Director for the Private Investigator program, at