Colorado Podiatry Board: Continuing Competency

Michael Reynolds, Division Wide Programs Manager

Continuing Competency (CC) is a process by which licensed podiatrists periodically provide, as a condition of license renewal, evidence they are actively participating in a program of ongoing professional development relevant to their areas of practice. Legislation passed in 2010 requires Colorado podiatrists to demonstrate ongoing professional development beginning in 2013. Review section 12-32-111, C.R.S. for the full statute, and Board Rules 110 and 150. Prior to renewing a license in 2014, podiatrists will be required to demonstrate their continuing competency through either participation in a Board approved Maintenance of Certification program, or through the Continuing Competency program administered by the Colorado Podiatry Board.  

Podiatrists currently participating in a Maintenance of Certification program recognized by the Colorado Podiatry Board may be deemed to have substantially complied with the continuing competency renewal requirement through “Deemed Status.” This includes Colorado podiatrists who are “eligible,” “qualified,” or “lifetime certified” with a specialty board approved by the Colorado Podiatry Board. Deemed Status will be claimed through an attestation during the renewal process. Licensees who are not part of a specialty board will be required to participate in the Continuing Competency program administered by the Colorado Podiatry Board. All licensees are required to continue showing compliance with Rule 110 of the Podiatry Board requiring the accrual of 10 CME each renewal cycle.

Complying with Continuing Competency

There are three ways in which to comply with the Continuing Competency (CC) requirement:


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