Board of Nursing: Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) for Colorado

The Colorado State Board of Nursing (Board) is pleased to report that 75 percent of nurses issued a multistate license between July 21, 2017, and January 18, 2018, complied with Senate Bill 18-27’s new background check requirement to maintain eligibility for licensure in the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC).

The Board appreciates the Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s efforts to efficiently process these background checks. The Board also recognizes the swift action taken by the 1,660 nurses who facilitated these background checks, or in some cases, contacted the Board about potential discrepancies regarding their status. Finally, the Board appreciates all of the employers, associations, schools and other healthcare organizations who joined the Board’s outreach and education efforts and delivered important information to those nurses who fell within the licensing date “gap.”

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Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) Information

Colorado entered into the new Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) with the adoption of Senate Bill 18-027. The eNLC increases access to care while maintaining public protection at the state level. Under the eNLC, nurses are able to provide care to patients in other eNLC states, without having to obtain additional licenses.

For additional information, please view our eNLC FAQ. The Nursys website will help you determine in which states you may practice. Information also is available via the eNLC.

eNLC Webinar

eNLC Fingerprint Background Check Instructions

Download eNLC Fingerprint Background Check Instructions

Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is Accepting Fingerprints

  • The FBI has approved Colorado's fingerprint background checks and CBI is now ready to accept fingerprint submissions.

Nurses are Encouraged to Submit Fingerprints

  • The Board of Nursing has notified all affected nurses and applicants and will continue to remind them of the fingerprint submission requirement.
  • We encourage nurses to submit their fingerprints as soon as possible.
  • The fingerprint background check requirement does not apply to nurses licensed prior to July 21, 2017 as long as the nurse does not allow the license to expire.
  • Please review and share the Fingerprint Background Check Instructions.

Results Will Be Sent to DORA

  • Once the CBI and FBI have completed processing the fingerprint background check, the results will be sent to our office.