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Jason D. Sunstrom, Division Wide Programs and Systems Director

New Continuing Education Requirements for Colorado Electricians Starting October 1, 2017

Governor Hickenlooper signed House Bill 16-1073 into law on April 15, 2016. This law will replace the current Continued Competency (CC) program with a requirement of 24 hours of continuing education to be completed each renewal period. The CC Assessment will no longer be administered. 

Before renewing your license in September 2017, you must first complete any Professional Development Units (PDU) assigned to you after you completed the CC Assessment in 2014. You will not be required to complete a CC Assessment moving forward.

Before renewing in September 2020, all licensed electricians will have to complete 24 hours of continuing education. The Electrical Board is drafting rules on the new continuing education requirements. Stay tuned for details by monitoring the Electrical Board webpage for updates. 

Important: You must have your PDU requirements from the 2014 CC Assessment completed before you can renew your electrician license in September 2017.

Completed PDU hours will be attested to in your 2017 license renewal application. The Electrical Continued Competency Online System will no longer be used to log completed hours.  

Current Continuing Competency Requirements for Colorado Electricians

Before renewing a license in September 2017, electricians shall demonstrate continuing competency in order to renew, reinstate or reactivate their license.

The affected license types are:

  • Residential Wireman
  • Journeyman Electrician
  • Master Electrician

Continuing Competency (CC) is an individualized program created to help licensees assess their professional work, identify areas of growth, and stay current with the profession. The Colorado approach to CC for electricians has three components:

  1. An Individual Assessment of knowledge and skills (CC Assessment);
  2. A Learning Plan containing Professional Development Units (PDU) designated to obtain required knowledge and skills; and 
  3. Documentation of PDUs to demonstrate compliance.

The CC program requires licensees demonstrate 24 PDUs in order to renew a license. An electrician may be awarded up to 24 PDUs for his/her performance on the CC Assessment. If you are awarded fewer than 24 PDUs, you must execute a Learning Plan to accrue PDUs prior to the next license renewal. The electrical renewal cycles occur every three years to coincide with the National Electric Code (NEC) updates. Generally, the renewal period will open in mid-August and remain open through November of renewal years. Licensees who are not renewed during that time will lapse on December 1.


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