Division of Professions and Occupations: Electrical and Plumbing Permits

Purchase a Permit or Request an Inspection

Click on the appropriate link below to access the Online Permit System.

Note: It is the policy of the State Electrical and Plumbing Boards that the contractor or contractor representative, adult homeowner (above the age of 18) or homeowner's representative must be present for the inspection of occupied dwelling units. To access hard copy permit forms and other documents please review the Permit and Inspection Forms and Documents.



For detailed information about permit and inspections please visit the Electrical Specific Information Page or the Plumbing Specific Information Page.

Have the following available before entering the Online Permit System

  • Address of the job site (if unsure, contact the county assessor's office)
  • Directions to the job site, including the nearest cross streets
  • Valid credit card
  • Electrical Specific Information:
    • Square footage of the living space to be wired
    • Name of the power supplier
    • Cost of materials and labor for the work to be completed
  • Plumbing Specific Information:
    • Commercial Installation - Valuation of installation (cost to customer) of labor, materials and items
    • Residential Installation - Fixture count for the installation (traps, water hammer, arrestors, backflow preventers, water heaters, fuel gas outlets and fuel gas pressure regulators

A separate permit is required for each detached structure on the same property. Separate structures must be clearly indicated by name, letter, or number if more than one exists on the same property. Example: garage, studio, barn; building A, B, C; building 1, 2, 3, etc.

Note: You cannot use the online system to request permit transfers (transfer of ownership), permit extensions or make informational changes to your permit (property address, spelling corrections, etc.). For any of these services, please contact the Electrical Board at: dora_electricalboard@state.co.us or the Plumbing Board at: dora_ plumbingboard@state.co.us.

Information about Purchasing a Permit or Requesting an Inspection

Verify that your job site address is within the state's jurisdiction for inspection. The state does not inspect in local jurisdictions having their own electrical and plumbing inspection program. You are responsible for determining the correct inspection authority. If the county where your jobs site is located is listed below, do not continue with the permit application process and use the links provided to access the local jurisdiction:

Notice to Homeowner

If you are a homeowner hiring an Electrical Contractor or Plumbing Contractor, your contractor is responsible for obtaining the required permit(s). As the homeowner, you should not continue with the permit application process. Be aware that it is a violation of state statutes for an individual (other than the homeowner) that is not a registered contractor to install electrical or plumbing projects on your property. In addition, homeowner’s insurance may not cover the costs of repair for work performed by anyone without liability insurance who causes damage to your home.