DORA reduces fees by $2 million for professional licenses

DENVER - (Sept. 30, 2015) - The Colorado Division of Professions and Occupations, part of the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), announced today that Colorado professional licensees will see more than $2 million in fee savings over the next two years.  More than 50 regulatory programs for the State’s professions and occupations, such as doctors, nurses, cosmetologists and electricians, are managed through the Division.

DORA’s Division of Professions and Occupations, which licenses nearly 400,000 professionals in the State — about 15 percent of the workforce — houses multiple regulatory programs under one roof. The Division reduced or held constant almost all of its 66 renewal fees this year by implementing efficiency processes such as Lean and reducing operating expenses.

Fees to renew a psychologist’s license dropped from $147 to $37, an approximately 75 percent decrease; while renewal fees for chiropractors were reduced by 64 percent from $543 to $195.  Registered nurses saw a smaller decrease of $5 to $87.  The Division is required by law to set licensing fees to cover the costs of regulation.  Most fees, including those above, cover a two-year license period.

“The Division is leveraging our shared service model and more fully integrating new technology which affects the bottom line,” explained Lauren Larson, Director of DORA’s Division of Professions and Occupations.

Last year, cost saving measures resulted in the Division of Professions and Occupations returning $250,000 in spending authority to the State. “Reducing licensing fees puts money back in the pockets of the nearly one-in-seven Colorado workers who are required to be licensed by the Division,” said Larson.

“Licensing fees affect business costs and can be a barrier to market entry — whether someone is looking for a job or starting a business,” said DORA Executive Director Joe Neguse. “I applaud the work of the Division of Professions and Occupations in reducing costs to businesses and consumers.”   

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Media Contact:
Cory Everett, Chief of Staff
Division of Professions and Occupations
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