DORA recognizes World Elder Abuse Awareness Day by asking Coloradans to watch for signs of elder financial abuse and exploitation

DENVER — In recognition of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day tomorrow, June 15, the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) spotlights the importance of safeguarding Colorado’s senior population by keeping a watchful eye for signs of elder financial exploitation and promptly reporting possible abuse to appropriate officials.

Elder financial abuse is rising with the rapid aging of the North American population, due in part to the amount of wealth seniors have accumulated throughout their careers and their increasing isolation.

“Many in our older population are vulnerable due to social isolation and distance from family, caregivers, and other support networks,” DORA Executive Director Joe Neguse said. “We need as many eyes and ears as possible listening and watching for signs of suspect elder financial exploitation.”

To help fight this problem, DORA suggests watching for the following warning signs of suspicious behavior that may indicate potential elder financial exploitation:

  • Has an elder moved away from existing relationships and toward new associations with other “friends” or strangers?
  • Has a new person entered the elder’s life and shown an excessive interest in the elder’s finances or accounts?
  • Are you unable to speak directly with the elder despite repeated attempts at contact?
  • Does the elder display unexplained excitement over a financial windfall or prize check and reluctance to discuss details?

If these sound familiar, DORA recommends contacting their Division of Securities at 303-894-2878. Other types of elder abuse should be reported to the proper county’s Adult Protective Services at or to local authorities. 

Further information and resources are available on the North American Securities Administrators Association’s Serve Our Seniors website, and the AskDORA website