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COPRRR is charged with determining, among other things, if an agency's statute and rules adequately protect the public without imposing undue burdens on the regulated community. Reviews also examine an agency's efficiency, effectiveness and accountability. COPRRR will make recommendations in these and other areas to the General Assembly. Your information will help us identify problems and solutions related to agencies under review. COPRRR is also charged with performing sunrise reviews which analyze whether there is a need for state regulation of currently unregulated occupations or professions. Please be aware that the COPRRR cannot intervene in individual cases or arbitrate disputes with an agency.

The link below will take you to our comment form where you can describe the issue(s) that are of interest to you or your organization. Please be specific in explaining your issues and how your solutions might be implemented.

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Reviews in Progress

The review processes involve soliciting and receiving input from interested parties and stakeholders like you. Anyone can contact COPRRR to provide input on a review. There is no need to wait to be contacted. The sunrise reviews currently in progress are listed below: 

Advisory Committee Reviews

Concurrent Enrollment Advisory Board
Education Data Subcommittee
Emergency Planning Subcommittee
Government Data Advisory Board
Hospital Provider Fee Advisory Board
Human Trafficking Council
Parent Involvement in Education, Colorado State Advisory Council for Public Safety Communications Subcommittee
River Outfitter Advisory Committee
Seed Potato Advisory Committee
Standing Efficiency and Accountability Committee

Sunrise Reviews

Behavior Analysts
Manufactured Housing Community Owners & Operators
Parental Responsibility Evaluators
Pharmacy Technicians

Sunset Reviews

Accountancy Board
Cold Case Task Force
Controlled Substances, Recordkeeping and Licensing Functions regarding
Electrical Board, including provisions related to Qualified State Institutions of Higher Education
Fire Suppression Program
Hemodialysis Clinics and Technicians, Regulation of
Home Care Agencies, Licensing of
In-Home Support Services
Medical Board, Colorado, including an Analysis of Physician Responsibilities Related to Recommendations for Medical Marijuana
Medical Marijuana Program
Medical Marijuana Code
Passenger Tramway Safety Board
Pet Animal Facilities, Licensing of
Podiatry Board
Professional Review Committees
Psychiatric Technicians, Licensing and Regulation of
Public Livestock Markets, Licensing of
Public Utilities Commission
Refund Anticipation Loan Facilitators
River Outfitters, Licensing of
Seed Potato Act
Colorado Retail Marijuana Code


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