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Regulatory Reviews

A regulation is a rule created by a state agency that has an impact on the regulated entity and on the public. The regulation is the state agency's action in implementing, interpreting, applying or enforcing a statute enacted by the legislature and signed into law by the Governor. Regulations range from the seemingly insignificant (the size of Swiss cheese holes) to the serious (dealing with Chronic Wasting Disease).

The regulatory review process is designed to make sure statues and rules make economic sense and aren’t unnecessarily restrictive on businesses. The public can view the review schedule, reviews in progress and archived reviews to stay informed. Get a better understanding of Colorado rulemaking and how you can participate by reviewing our Citizen's Guide

COPRRR handles several types of reviews:

Sunrise Reviews

A Sunrise review explores whether there is a need to regulate a currently unregulated profession or occupation. 

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Sunset Reviews

The Colorado General Assembly sets the date for a government agency, board, program or function to end.

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Mandatory Continuing Education Reviews

Any group or association proposing or amending a bill to require mandatory continuing education for any regulated occupation must first provide certain information to COPRRR to report to the General Assembly as to whether mandatory continuing education is likely to protect the public. 

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Advisory Committee Reviews

We review and analyze the advisory committees’ compositions, missions and accomplishments to determine whether the committees have fulfilled their statutory mandate(s) and whether they should continue to exist or be dissolved.

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