Relocated Spouse Licensure

Relocated Spouse Licensure - Easing the Path to Work

The Division of Professions & Occupations (DPO) has implemented a distinctive program to support the mobility and transportability of a military spouse’s professional license. Under state law, a military spouse who has been relocated to Colorado by military orders, and has an active license in good standing from another state, can practice in most professions regulated by DPO for up to one year from the date they move before obtaining a Colorado license. As a condition of practicing in Colorado under this exemption to licensure, military spouses are subject to the jurisdiction and disciplinary authority of the DPO Director or the regulating Board or Commission (as applicable). 

Professions regulated by DPO are eligible for this one-year license exemption, except the following: Professional Engineers and Interns, Professional Land Surveyors and Interns, Architects, Optometrists, Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Anesthesia Assistants.

Before the end of your first year of residency in Colorado, you must obtain a Colorado license by completing the appropriate application, which will include questions regarding your use of this one-year license exemption.  

Additional Program for Military Spouses
In addition, military spouses may be able to take insurance producer credential examinations at an approved military facility in the U.S. or overseas. These approved testing locations allow convenient access for military spouses to meet their necessary licensing requirements to start their career as an insurance producer.