Civil Rights

Know Your Rights

The Colorado Civil Rights Division (CCRD) is charged with investigating discrimination claims as it relates to the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act and enforcing the State's anti-discrimination laws for certain protected classes of people in the areas of employment, housing and public accommodations. Examples of protected classes are race, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, age, and more. For more information, visit Call 303-894-2997 or email with your questions.


You have the right to equal access to the housing of your choice. Fair housing laws were enacted to ensure Colorado's protected classes are not treated differently or denied housing. Examples may include refusal to rent, unequal terms and conditions, discriminatory financing, failure to provide reasonable accommodation or modification for a person with a disability, refusal to sell, or retaliating against someone who has exercised his/her fair housing rights. Find out more about housing discrimination and filing a discrimination claim with CCRD.


You have the right to receive fair treatment at your place of employment. Prohibited discriminatory practices in employment for protected classes include, among others: discharge, discipline, suspension, harassment, terms and conditions, failure to accommodate and retaliation, and must be based in relation to the defined protected classes. Find out more about employment discrimination and filing a discrimination claim with CCRD.

Public Accommodations

You have the right to be served in places of public accommodation, which include restaurants, hospitals, hotels, retail stores and public transportation, among others. Protected classes cannot be denied service, receive unequal treatment, or denied appropriate accommodations, among others. Find out more about public accommodations discrimination and filing a discrimination claim with CCRD.

File a Complaint

You can now file a complaint with CCRD through its new online portal, CaseConnect. Once received, the charge of discrimination and request for information will be sent by email, and you can submit necessary information via CaseConnect. Both respondents and complainants can log into their case to see the current status, edit contact information, and communicate with CCRD. CaseConnect is only accessible through a computer with an internet connection. The Department of Regulatory Agencies, in which the Division is housed, has a Welcome Center located at 1560 Broadway, Ste. 110, Denver, CO 80202. The Welcome Center has computer terminals which can be used by the public to access CaseConnect. You can also file a complaint by calling 303-894-2997.


Outreach & Training

CCRD provides outreach and education regarding anti-discrimination laws and issues at no charge to participants. CCRD offers training in the areas of employment and fair housing. "Employment 101"/"Anti-Discrimination in Employment" training provides the basics of Colorado employment anti-discrimination laws. "Fair Housing 101" training provides an introduction to Colorado fair housing laws. Request a training.