Land Use Planning for Wildfire Resilience


The way we manage our built environment and plan for future growth can increase or decrease the impact of wildfires on Colorado communities. Drought and climate change also compound and magnify the risks that communities face throughout the state, especially in the wildland urban interface (WUI).

Moving forward, strategic land use planning will be essential to build community resilience by minimizing or avoiding exposure to wildfire, and other interrelated hazards. This webinar will focus on how local governments and communities can reduce their risk and vulnerability to wildfire by integrating hazard risk reduction strategies into land use planning.

The webinar will highlight strategies, including, integrating wildfire into the comprehensive plan, subdivision standards, and site-specific hazards assessments. Finally, the webinar will explore how Summit County has been able to successfully implement some of the land use planning tools described to reduce their wildfire risk.​

57 minutes




Logan Sand, Colorado Department of Local Affairs
Molly Mowery AICP, Wildfire Planning International
Jim Curnutte AICP, Summit County

For any questions, contact Logan Sand at or (303) 864-7705.