Statutory Advisory Committee

The Statutory Advisory Committee (SAC) functions as an advisory committee to the Property Tax Administrator. It convenes quarterly, or more often as necessary, to review and recommend for approval or disapproval to the State Board of Equalization (SBOE) manuals, appraisal procedures, instructions, and guidelines prepared and published by the PTA, as well as forms, notices, and records approved and prescribed by the PTA. SAC is made up of five members including: One assessor and one non-assessor appointed from counties of seventy-five thousand or more in population, one assessor and one non-assessor from counties of less than seventy-five thousand, and one non-assessor from the Western Slope. The Governor appoints a non-assessor member as chairman.

Statutory Advisory Committee - December 12, 2019 - Meeting Packet
Statutory Advisory Committee Dial-In Memo


Robyn Truby

Philip Vaughan

Mark Chapin

Timothy Canterbury

Keith Erffmeyer