Section 8 Participants

The Housing Choice Voucher Program (formerly Section 8) provides rental assistance to income-eligible tenants by subsidizing a portion of their monthly rent and utilities and paying it directly to their landlords.  In cases where utilities are not included in rent, the program may pay a larger portion of the rent so that the tenant is able to afford utility payments. The assistance provided is the difference between what the tenant pays toward rent (generally 30%-40% of the household’s adjusted gross income) and the cost of the rent.  

Once you have been accepted into the Housing Choice Voucher Program, you must remain in good standing.  That requires being a considerate neighbor, paying your rent on time, reporting any changes in the members of your household or your income to your residential coordinator and ensuring that your unit passes an annual inspection. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Changes in Household Composition

If there are changes in your family household, you must report those changes in writing to your residential coordinator within ten (10) business days. This includes additions due to birth, adoption, and court-awarded custody.  Household additions/members that are not reported within the 10 days will be considered unauthorized household members. This will be considered a serious program violation and may result in termination of assistance.

Protections for Victims of Domestic Violence 

The federal law known as Violence Against Women and the Department of Justice Reauthorization Act (VAWA)  protects rental assistance recipients who become victims of domestic violence, dating violence or stalking.