Rural Economic Development Initiative

The Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI) program is designed to help rural communities comprehensively diversify their local economy and create a more resilient Colorado.



The most successful applications to this program are those from counties with less than 50,000 people, and from communities with fewer than 20,000 people.  Projects that are designed to strengthen their community through investments in the local economy and facilitating the diversification of local industries will also strengthen the application.

Two types of projects are eligible for funding:

  1. Local Government Economic Planning Grants
  • DOLA recommends grant requests not exceed $100,000.
  • Projects must result in a plan that will help to diversify the local economy. Examples include: strategic plans, engineering plans, land use feasibility, and/or marketing studies. Consulting services for specific project implementation are also eligible.
  1. Infrastructure grants that support economic diversification. 
  • DOLA recommends grant requests not exceed $500,000.
  • Projects must result in infrastructure that supports the diversification of the local economy. Examples include facility expansion, business incubators, industrial park infrastructure.

All projects should be identified as a priority for the community within a comprehensive and holistic approach. 


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2017-2018 REDI Awards

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Program Contacts

Trish Thibodo
4R Manager