2015 Residential Construction and Group Quarters Facility Survey

Dear Conservation Trust Fund Officer,

The Colorado Department of Local Affairs is beginning its process for calculating the July 1, 2015 population estimates that are used in the Conservation Trust Fund (CTF) program. The first phase of this process involves estimates of total housing units and group quarters facilities (such as prisons and dorms). These data will be used as the foundation for your entity's population estimate.

This year we will continue to use the online system to submit the residence construction survey via the Local Government E-Filing Portal. You will get your unique User ID via an email from our office. If you have not received an email, please contact us (see below).

Special Districts should use the spreadsheet under Table 3 (below) and send the spreadsheet to robert.kemp@colorado.edu rather than using the online tool.

Please go to https://dola.colorado.gov/dlg_efiling/ . After agreeing to the terms of use, you will be given access to the login page. Users can receive a password by clicking the "First time user or forgot your password?" link and entering the user ID you received in the email request on the password reset screen. The password will be sent to your email. Then you will be able to login to the system using your new password.

Once logged in, you will start at a “contact” page. If the information is correct, click on “continue without changes” or make and “save changes”. On the next page you can see a summary of data submitted for previous years or click on the “Residential Construction Survey” tab where you will be able to submit building permits, certificates of occupancy and demolitions. Click on the Blue "Add Survey" and you will be prompted to select a geography and type of residential data and year. If you have submitted data in previous years, you do not need to submit again for those years, unless there are changes. We are primarily interested in building permits from 2014 or certificates of occupancy from July 2014 through June 2015 but will take the most current data you have as well as any changes or new data back to 2010.

Please contact us by phone or email if you have any changes in housing units or group quarters due to annexations.

The tables below contain your area’s previous years’ housing unit and group quarters facility data for reference and review.

We need you to review these data and provide any documented 2014-15 input data by January 6th, 2016 for the July 2015 Conservation Trust Fund estimates process. This will be the only time during the estimates process that you will be able to update your residential construction, annexation or group quarters data for the July 2015 Population Estimates.

Please send all data and questions to Rob Kemp, Estimates Demographer, at robert.kemp@state.co.us, (303) 864-7755. Please submit all data using the guidelines on this page.

Table A: 2010-2014 Residential Construction Data from Local Governments. These tables are grouped by county. Please evaluate the number of housing units for your entity for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 then go to https://dola.colorado.gov/dlg_efiling/ to send us any updates for previous years and 2015.

Table 2: 2010 Census to 2014 Estimates of Population and Households by County and Municipality. These tables are grouped by county. Please evaluate the number of housing units for your entity and please go to https://dola.colorado.gov/dlg_efiling/ to send us any updates on residential construction data. If you are a place that resides in multiple counties, you can review your total data in the "Multi County Places" file for the total and the county-specific files for the parts in each County. You will need to enter data for each part rather than the total if your place is in multiple counties.

Table 3: July 1, 2014 Estimates of Population and Households by CTF Special District. Please evaluate the number of housing units for your area. Please submit total housing units as of July 1, 2015 (or previous years) by email using the Special District spreadsheet below and emailing them to robert.kemp@state.co.us. Please include the name of the special district in the subject line. If the district is at build out please indicate that as well. If we do not hear from the district we will assume no change in housing units.

Table 3

Special Districts Data Spreadsheet

Table 4: Group Quarters Facility List. Please use this table to evaluate the group quarters facilities and population that we have on file for 2014. The data we have is based on what has been previously sent to us by your entity. Use the “Group Quarters Data Spreadsheet” to send us any updates in group quarters population or facility data. If we do not receive new information we will carry forward information from the previous year.

Table 4

Group Quarters Data Spreadsheet. At this time you will not be able to use the online system to submit Group Quarter data. Please use this spreadsheet to submit any updates to group quarters or new group quarter facilities to robert.kemp@state.co.us