Property Taxation Forms

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General Forms




One Year Petition 
Two Year Petition
Important Information and Instructions for Filing a Petition for Abatement or Refund of Taxes 


Seniors & Disabled Veterans

No applications are processed from August 15 through December 31

Disabled Veteran Application

Disabled Veteran Application Instructions

Disabled Veteran Spouse Application

Senior Citizen Short Form Application 

Senior Citizen Short Form Application Instructions

Senior Citizen Long Form Application

Senior Citizen Long Form Application Instructions



Application forms are new as of November 13, 2018. If you began on the earlier form, you may complete and submit it. You do not have to start a new form. 


Application for Property Tax Exemption

Residential Properties
Specific Forms For Charitable-Residential Properties

Additional Forms
Late Filing Fee Waiver Request
Remedies for Recipients of Notice of Forfeiture of Right to Claim Exemption 

Instructions and FAQ's, Annual Reports for Exempt Property
Schools & Charitable 2019
Fraternal/Veterans' Organizations 2019
Religious Purposes 2018
Religious Purposes 2019
Exempt Property Report Online Filing


Manufactured Homes Forms

​Affidavit of Real Property for a Manufactured Home
Certificate of Destruction for a Manufactured Home
Certificate of Permanent Location For A Manufactured Home
Certificate of Permanent Location For A Manufactured Home Subject to a Long-Term Land Lease
Certificate of Removal For A Manufactured Home
Manufactured Home Transfer Declaration
Authentication/Certification-Manufactured Home Tax (Authentication of Paid Ad Valorem Taxes)


State Assessed 

2020 Annual Statement of Property Forms