Property Taxation Forms

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General Forms




One Year Petition 
Two Year Petition
Important Information and Instructions for Filing a Petition for Abatement or Refund of Taxes 



Religious Worship
Application Form

Schools & Charitable
Application Form
Specific Forms For Charitable-Residential Properties

Additional Forms
Late Filing Fee Waiver Request
Remedies for Recipients of Notice of Forfeiture of Right to Claim Exemption 

Instructions and FAQ's, Annual Reports for Exempt Property
Schools & Charitable 2016
Fraternal/Veterans' Organizations 2016
Religious Purposes 2015
Religious Purposes 2016
Exempt Property Report Online Filing

Seniors & Disabled Veterans
Senior Long Form (Instructions)

Senior Short Form (Instructions)

Disabled Veteran Application (Instructions)

Disabled Veteran Spouse Form


Manufactured Homes Forms

Affidavit of Real Property for a Manufactured Home
Certificate of Destruction for a Manufactured Home
Certificate of Permanent Location For A Manufactured Home
Certificate of Permanent Location For A Manufactured Home Subject to a Long-Term Land Lease
Certificate of Removal For A Manufactured Home
Manufactured Home Transfer Declaration
Authentication/Certification-Manufactured Home Tax (Authentication of Paid Ad Valorem Taxes)


State Assessed 

2018 Annual Statement of Property Forms

Airline (AL) 
Major Electric (EL)
Mobile Telephone (TM)
Non-Renewable Energy (EN)
Pipeline (PD, PF, PT)
Private Car Lines  (PC)
Railroad (RR)
Renewable Energy (EG)
Rural Electric (ER)
Rural Telephone(TR)
Telephone (TL)
Telephone Reseller (TX)
Water (WA)