Colorado Alternative Fuels Funding Programs 2014-2017

DOLA Launches Alt Fuels Funding Program with $20 Million For Vehicles and Fueling Stations

In partnership with the Colorado Energy Office, Colorado Department of Transportation and the Regional Air Quality Council, the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) is excited to offer the DOLA Alternative Fuels Funding Program. Click here to read the full announcement


Interested in applying? Click here to see DOLA's AFP policiesPlease see the matrix below for overall eligibility and program details.

DOLA's Alternative Fuels Funding Program Application Process

DOLA's grant application process will be run through the Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance (Impact) program Tier II application and cycle. Tier II's allow for grant awards up to $2 million per project. For DOLA's grant program, fueling stations will be expected to provide matching funds of, at a minimum, 25% and up to 50% and for vehicles, the cost of the replacement will serve as the match while DOLA grants will be offered to cover the increment upgrade to an alternative vehicle. All applications for this program will be reviewed by the Impact program Advisory Committee and the Executive Director will make funding decisions three times per year. For more details on the Impact program cycle, please visit the Impact program application website or contact your area's Regional Manager


  DOLA Alternative Fuels Initiative Alt Fuels Colorado*
  Vehicles Fueling Stations Vehicles Fueling Stations
Program Website AFP AFP Cleanairfleets CEO
Total Available Funding $10 million $10 million $15 million $15 million
Total Funding Per Applicant Project Specific Project Specific for CNG, co-located propane and EV fast chargers Up to 80% of incremental vehicles cost(s) Up to $500,000 (or 80%) for CNG fueling equipment; up to $50,000 for co-located propane and EV fast chargers
Eligible Applicants Public Only: Municipalities, Counties, Special Districts and School Districts Public Only: Municipalities, Counties, Special Districts and School Districts Public and Private Fleets Operators of Publicly Accessible Stations
Match Vehicle standard purchase price; grant pays for AFV incremental costs 25% minimum local match 20% min. match (non-federal) of incremental vehicle cost up to caps based on weigh classification 20% min. match (non-federal) for station equipment
Responsible Agency DOLA DOLA RAOC CEO
Point of Contact DOLA Regional Managers DOLA Regional Managers Steve McCannon Wes Maurer
Funding Zones: Vehicles Both Attainment and Non-Attainment Areas N/A Counties containing air quality non-attainment/ maintenance areas N/A
Funding Zones: Stations N/A Statewide N/A Publicly accessible, fast-fill stations in major transportation corridors
Application Cycle April 1, August 1, December1 April 1, August 1, December1 3 rounds per year Anticipated 2 rounds per year
AFV Fuel Options CNG, CNG bi-fuel, propane, electric as appropriate after consultation with CEO (Refuel CO) CNG with co-located electric and propane CNG, CNG bi-fuel, propane, plug-in electric CNG with co-located electric and propane
Partnership Opportunities: DOLA is looking to partner with CEO and RAQC on joint funding opportunities where appropriate.
There may be opportunities to jointly fund fueling stations with both private and public bays.     
* = Anticipated staggered funding - 2014: $10 million; 2015: $7 million; 2016: $7 million; 2017: $6 million. Early emphasis on station installation; later emphasis on fleet vehicle purchases.