Strategic & Legislative Planning

As required by the SMART Act, the Department of Local Affairs has summarized its near-term strategic and operational priorities in the Department Performance Plan and overall Strategic Plan.  The performance management plan is designed to drive results that matter to Coloradans through a customer-focused, continuous improvement culture of operational excellence.  The Department achieves its planned results by:

  • Defining statewide goals and Department-specific strategic policy initiatives
  • Identifying the high-impact strategies we must employ to achieve our goals
  • Creating a system of reporting and evaluation at the statewide and department levels to maintain accountability, and 
  • Empowering every state employee with the tools, training and opportunity to improve the way we deliver the government goods and service

FY2018-2019 Performance Plan

2018 Regulatory Agenda Report

2019 Regulatory Agenda

2018 Performance Plan Evaluation

2019 DOLA Letter Certifying Public Engagement

2019 Performance Evaluation Report Q(2)


Legislative Liaison for DOLA:  Bruce Eisenhauer