Marijuana Impact Grant

The Marijuana Impact Grant awards to eligible local governments who do not allow the sale of retail marijuana within their jurisdiction, but are experiencing the impacts of retail marijuana from surrounding communities or any other illegal activity related to marijuana. The grant program has two key components:

  1. To identify documented impacts to eligible local governments and determine grant dollars needed to reimburse for those impacts; and
  2. To prioritize grant awards to applicants who intend to use the grant funds for one or more of the following purposes:
    • To pay for additional law enforcement activities related to retail marijuana, including costs associated with increased arrests, increased traffic violations, and prevention of out-of-state diversions and trafficking of marijuana;
    • To fund youth services, especially those that prevent the use of;
    • To mitigate other impacts that the cultivation, testing, sale, consumption, or regulation of retail marijuana or any other illegal activity related to marijuana has on services provided by an eligible local government.



Funding Decisions


Program Contacts

Tamra Norton
Financial Assistance Manager
(303) 864-7734

Crystal Andrews
Marijuana Impact Grant Program Administrator
(303) 864-7732