Housing Stakeholder Engagement

Housing people collaborating.

2019 was a historic legislative session for affordable housing in Colorado.  With the passage of HB19-1245 and HB19-1322, the Department of Local Affairs, Division of Housing (DOH) will receive over $7 million in additional funding for the next two fiscal years, and then, starting in July 2021, roughly $77 million more per year for three years to address the state’s housing needs. Community engagement and advocacy, local leadership, and dynamic partnerships are vital elements in realizing the potential of the state’s new investment in housing. The Division of Housing has completed its stakeholder engagement process. We are analyzing the input we received from over 1,000 stakeholders across the state. Results will be posted on this website in early 2020. 

Our stakeholder meetings are now complete.



Affordable Housing Guide for Officials

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Wendy Hawthorne
Deputy Director
Division of Housing, Department of Local Affairs