Federal Lands Coordination

As a result of House Bill 15-1225, up to $1 million per year, for three years is offered to support more effective local government coordination and engagement in federal land management decision-making processes (state FY 2015/16, FY 2016/17 and FY 2017/18).  

The program provides grants and technical assistance related to federal lands.

Grants are offered for:

  • Planning analysis
  • Public engagement
  • Coordination & collaboration with federal agencies and stakeholders
  • Other similar or related processes needed to help local government engagement in the federal land management decision making process.
  • All projects must be tied to improving coordination or local engagement in federal land management decision-making processes


Technical Assistance is offered for:

  • Entering into cooperating agency relationships or MOUs with federal agencies
  • Sharing information and expertise with federal land managers
  • Developing local land use or related plans within the meaning of Part 1 of Article 28 of Title 30 and Article 23 of Title 31, C.R.S)
  • Hiring consultants to perform analyses of local government interests
  • Implementing similar methods to improve coordination, cooperation and collaboration



Regional government associations (e.g., councils of government) are eligible, with support from the majority of affected counties, to take a lead coordination role, representing affected local governments in a federal land management decision-making process.

Collaboration between the County and its partners is strongly encouraged. While smaller local government agencies may be eligible to apply for funding, DOLA prefers the County act as the grantee and to enter into MOUs with other partner agencies to ensure regional level coordination and consistency.



To apply for a grant, please follow the Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance Fund Program Guidelines, application amounts, cycles and timelines.  


Forms and Resources


Program Contacts

Kimberly Bullen
Regional Manager
(970) 248-7333

John Swartout
Rural Policy & Outreach Director
Governor John Hickenlooper
(720) 556-1682