Energy/Mineral Impact Assistance Fund (EIAF) Advisory Committee

The department is assisted by a twelve-member Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance Advisory Committee, which meets several times each year, to consider applications for grants and low-interest loans. Seven members are appointed by the Governor to four-year terms, while the remaining five are state department executive directors or their designees. Final funding decisions are made by the department's Executive Director.






Rick Garcia
Executive Director, Department of Local Affairs

Shailen Bhat (alternate Deborah Perkins-Smith or Michael King)
Executive Director, Department of Transportation

Katy Anthes (alternate Andy Stine)
Commissioner of Education, Department of Education

Robert Randall (alternate Ginny Brannon or Robert Randall)
Executive Director, Department of Natural Resources

Larry Wolk (alternate Michael Beck)
Executive Director, Department of Public Health and Environment

Mary Jo Downey
Executive Director, East Central Council of Local Governments

Cari Hermacinski
Routt County Representative

Gigi Dennis
Alamosa County Administrator

Dan Fernandez
Dolores County Representative 

Susan B. Alvillar
Community Affairs Representative, Terra Energy Partners

Karla Distel
Business Owner, Grand Junction

Roy Otto
Greeley City Manager