Budgeting and Finance

Financial Dashboard for Counties and Municipalities

These charts present the data from each local government’s annual financial statements (audit) or exemption from audit form. The data represents actual revenues and expenditures. Budget documents are sometimes used to help further break down aggregated audit figures.


Budget Information and Resources

In providing services to citizens, local governments determine which and what levels of services they provide through a budget process. Colorado local governments are required to prepare, adopt and file a budget with the Division annually.


5.5% Property Tax Revenue Limit

The "5.5%" limit restricts the amount of property tax revenue that may be collected each year. The local government's limit is calculated by using information found on the Certification of Valuation (CV) sent by the county assessor by August 25 of each year. A final CV may be sent by December 10th for valuation information that the assessor may have changed.


Federal Revenue Programs

Revenue from the Federal Government in some cases makes up a significant portion of local government total revenues. The Division provides information to assist local governments in understanding the source and various requirements of some of these programs.


County and Municipal Financial Compendium

The Division publishes an annual compendium of local government finances and has since 1975. The resulting data have been computerized to allow simple access for time-series or cross-sectional analysis. Financial and auxiliary data are available for all counties and incorporated municipalities in Colorado.


Inflation - Denver-Boulder-Greeley Consumer Price Index

For local governments, Article X, Section 20 (otherwise known as TABOR), defines inflation to mean the percentage change in the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Denver-Boulder (now Denver-Boulder-Greeley).


Local Government Purchasing Assistance

The State-Local Purchasing Program enhances the procurement programs of counties, municipalities, school districts and special districts with access to state awards, cooperative purchasing, technical information and procurement alternatives.


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