In 2012 and 2013, the Colorado agricultural industry was severely impacted by the fires and floods. As the second largest contributor to the state’s economy, it is vital to the well-being of all Colorado citizens to keep our agricultural industry strong and vibrant.

​Federal Disaster Assistance funds have been allocated to assist farmers and ranchers ​who were affected ​with recovering from these disasters and for the ditch companies that provide vital irrigation and water to the surrounding agricultural land. Two agricultural programs are available, the Agriculture Business Grant Program and the Colorado Ditch Program.



Agriculture Programs

  • Agriculture Business Grant Program
    This grant program is intended to assist agriculture related businesses. Based on documented damages, farmers can receive grant assistance to help them to stay in business and retain employment in the impacted areas.
  • Privately Owned and Non-Profit Ditch Company Grants
    The Ditch Program provides assistance to private and non-profit ditch companies, as well as watershed coalitions, to implement repairs and resilience measures as a result of disasters in 2012-2013.




Clark's Apiaries, Fort Lupton.

Clark’s Apiaries in Fort Lupton is owned and operated by Clark Sloan. The operation produces honey and provides pollination services for local crops — a vital service for the agricultural community. The floods of September 2013 washed away 600 of Clark’s 1,952 colonies of bees. A CDBG-DR grant of $50,000 is offsetting losses to revenue and inventory and supporting ongoing expenses of business recovery for this valued local member of the community.