5.5% Property Tax Revenue Limit

... All statutory tax levies ... shall be so reduced as to prohibit the levying of a greater amount of revenue than was levied in the preceding year plus five and one-half percent ("5.5%")...

The statutory "5.5%" Property Tax Revenue Limit, also known as the "Annual Levy Law" (Section 29-1-301, et seq., C.R.S.), applies to most statutory local governments that levy for property taxes. It does not apply to home-rule municipalities.

For subject governments, the "5.5%" limit restricts the amount of property tax revenue that may be collected each year.

The "5.5%" Property Tax Revenue Limit is not a TABOR limit found in Article X, Section 20 of the Colorado Constitution. The Division of Local Government (the Division) does not calculate or enforce TABOR limits.



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