Snow Lines

Snow Lines

Centennial:  720-250-1018 (will be updated by 5:00 a.m.)

Veterans Affairs:  Follow State/Governor emergency edicts for downtown State employees.

Buckley:  720-847-7669

Ft. Carson:  719-526-0096

Greeley:  Recall Checklist

Grand Junction:  Veterans Affairs West Director

HAATS:  Follow base commander determination.


   * When a snow closure occurs, all non-essential employees are granted administrative leave.  Please mark your absence on your timesheet in the "Administrative Leave" column.

    * If non-essential employees choose not to attend work due to weather conditions, but the facility/base has not been closed, the employee must use annual leave.  Supervisors need to be flexible

with employees' who have difficulties driving in extreme weather conditions, but adhere to the provisions below.

    * If a non-essential employee elects not to attend work due to weather conditions when the facility/base is not closed, but is later closed, the use of annual leave is still required for the entire absence.

    * If a non-essential employee elects to go home early due to weather conditions, but the facility/base is closed at some point after the employee departure, the employee must still use annual leave for the entire absence.

    * If an employee reports administrative leave for an undocumented snow closure (usually a base commander directive or email), annual leave or compensatory leave will be charged.  If there is no annual leave or compensatory leave time on the books, the employee will be docked pay for those hours.

    * If it is later learned that snow closure was authorized, employee leave balances will be adjusted and reflected on updated leave statements.

    * DMVA is not able to arbitrarily allow employees to claim administrative leave on timesheets without supporting documentation.

    * Administrative leave is not a benefit that is accrued such as sick leave.

    * Administrative leave is not a right and accrued such as annual leave.

    * Employees do not have an express "right" to administrative leave as they do not earn or accrue this as they do with sick leave and annual leave.

    * Employees cannot simply claim administrative leave on their timesheet.  Inferring that an employee signature on a timesheet containing undocumented administrative leave may not be adjusted by DMVA administration is incorrect.  There is no guarantee an employee has the express right to be granted undocumented administrative leave.

    * All leave must be approved.  Your supervisor approves the use of your annual leave and your sick leave.  The TAG approves all administrative leave to include snow closures.

    * DMVA must report administrative leave granted to employees by the Appointing Authority (TAG) with appropriate justification on an annual basis to the State.

    * In order to be certain that DMVA utilizes its administrative leave appropriately, when a timesheet is received that has administrative leave that is not documented, the employee will be charged annual leave for that absence (as opposed to leave-without-pay resulting in docking a paycheck) until such time the documentation is received.  Once appropriate documentation is received, leave balances will be corrected.